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Our Story

The Rising Tide Effect is a non-profit organization.


Comprised of staff & volunteers who are united in belief that water safety & learning to swim are essential to being a human on earth. We work together to amplify the message & create opportunities for underserved communities through the aquatic experience. We empower positive change in underserved & at risk communities through the aquatic experience, freeing people from fear & helping them access joy. We provide free swimming lessons & water safety education.


Swimming is a critical life skill essential to water safety and has the power to save lives. Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death in children. We make our communities safer for children and parents by expanding access to swim lessons. Swimming is not only a lifesaving skill; it is an effective form of exercise that promotes overall physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. And, most importantly, it’s FUN!


Swimming provides other lifelong benefits as well. Numerous studies have shown that swimming is a proven mechanism for young people to grow and thrive. Swimming has a tremendous effect on physical and neurological development in children who start at a young age, and these skills translate to improved academic ability and increased self-confidence.


Disparities in swimming ability are reflective of inequity in our society. According to the American Red Cross, only 56 percent of Americans can perform essential skills for swimming survival. For children in economically challenged families, that figure is even lower. Nearly 80 percent of children from low-income families have little or no swimming ability. Our mission is to eliminate death by drowning, particularly in those underserved socioeconomic regions & groups that are most vulnerable.

About: Who We Are
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About: Meet the Team


The Rising Tide Effect team is a collective of staff and volunteers who are diverse in background and experience with swimming. Understanding that water safety and learning to swim is essential to being a human on earth, we are united and work together to amplify the message and create opportunities for underserved communities through swimming.

About: About Us

Kate Krause

Founder - Executive Director

As the founder of the organization, Kate Krause brings 15+ years as a swim instructor and a championship pedigree to Rising Tide Effect. At Siena College Division 1, she captained the swim team and won numerous medals including the gold medal in the 200 Freestyle in the (freshman) MAAC Championships.


Her success in athletics translated to business, where she excelled in equity research sales at a tier 1 investment bank. Prior to founding RTE, she served as the COO of a for-profit company, at which she oversaw its growth into the largest swimming school in New York City.

Rachel Llewellyn

Director of People & Operations

Rachel is a Certified Massage Therapist, movement therapist, FST therapist,  labor support/doula, holistic wellness coach with 12 years experience and a passion for women's health.  


Canadian born, currently living in Nicaragua for the past 7 years, was running a small restaurant with her husband in Salinas Grandes, when COVID shut down the country to all tourism. She had been donating her time to La Tribu (an after school program in her rural coastal community)  and was now looking at how she could still serve the organization while also providing for her family financially.  She was eventually hired as the health and wellness director at La Tribu and was researching and creating health-related education, including clean water education.


She tapped into her experience of being a swim teacher and found her way to Rising Tide Effect. She partnered with Rising Tide Effect to bring the youth free water safety education and swimming lessons, utilizing the organization's contacts, content, curriculum, and fundraising.  


In 2021, she was hired as Program Director for Central America by Rising Tide Effect to be the liaison on future Central American pilots and lead as head teacher for the pilot in Salinas Grandes. 

2023, she was hired remotely as the executive assistant to the director,  with the goal to create efficient communication between the organization and the staff/volunteers as well as help with admin and coordination of the programs. 

Currently she splits her time offering health services to empower people heal and be healthy, as well as works part-time at Rising Tide Effect.  

Start where you are

Use what you've got

Do what you can

--Arthur Ashe-- 

About: Meet the Team



JP Rorech


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Melissa Griffiths

Board Member

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Vice Chairperson

Michi Jigarjian

Dr Camesha Grant

Board Member

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Georgia Harrell 

Board Member

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Lucy Rorech

Board Member

About: Team Members


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Billy Krause

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Chef Butta

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Kelly Brady

About: Team Members

Tara Ciccone

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Serena Leka

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