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All our programs are provided free of charge, courtesy of the generosity of our partners, which includes the provision of any necessary swimwear for a proper swimming experience. Our locations are selected in collaboration with community partners and are presently accessible in New York City.


The Rockaway Hotel

  • The Rockaway peninsula in Queens, New York, experiences surprisingly strong currents, including a high frequency of rip currents, despite the appearance of relatively calm waters.

  • Dozens of individuals drown annually at Rockaway Beach, often while swimming alone when lifeguards are not on duty.

  • The average age of drowning victims at Rockaway is 16 years old.

  • TRH and RTE initiated a swimming program to provide water safety training to the Rockaway Beach community, aligning with the shared goals of uplifting and empowering individuals in need.

  • To date, over 300 youth have received swimming lessons in the hotel pool.

  • The pilot was completed in August 2021, and summer 2024 will mark the fourth year of established programming.

  • NOTE: Eligibility criteria is listed on the "Expression of Interest Form".

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Ocean Park

  • Ocean Park Apartments in Far Rockaway, Queens, owned by Related Affordable, is home to 2,772 residents, all of whom qualify for affordable housing.

  • The pool had been empty and out of commission since Hurricane Sandy, during which it sustained damage in the storm, and its changing areas were destroyed.

  • In an effort to enhance resident services, Related has partnered with RTE to provide free swimming lessons, complimentary water safety education, and other aquatic-related services.

  • The pilot was completed from August to September 2022.

  • Summer 2024 will be the second year of established programming.

  • To date, 75 participants have successfully learned how to swim.

  • NOTE: Eligibility criteria is listed on the "Expression of Interest Form".

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A participant swimming in the pool.

NYCHA Swim Corps

  • In a groundbreaking initiative, the NYCHA Swim Safety Corps introduced a pioneering approach to water safety, swimming proficiency, and career exploration through an earn-while-you-learn project-based experience. This initiative offers paid employment, swimming lessons, life-safety training, and professional skills development to NYCHA youth. In collaboration with the Public Housing Community Fund and the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, Rising Tide Effect launched a six-week Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) pilot in the summer of 2023.

  • Summer 2024 will see an even more robust program with between 50 and 100 participants from all five boroughs.

  • Supporting NYCHA youth aged 16 to 24 in New York City, our objectives include fostering leadership skills by:

    • Learning to swim and improving water competency

    • Enhancing mental and physical health

    • Gaining nutrition knowledge and improving physical fitness

    • Obtaining CPR/AED + First Aid certification

    • Providing mentorship and opportunities for professional development

    • Exploring careers and offering job preparation opportunities, including interview training and job readiness skills

    • Participating in diverse water-based activities such as surfing, kayaking, and environmental stewardship

    • Providing exposure to career pathways in aquatics and the blue economy

  • NOTE: Eligibility criteria is listed on the "Expression of Interest Form".

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P.S.9 The Sarah Smith Garnet School

  • Beginning in 2023, our pilot program with P.S.9 The Sarah Smith Garnet School in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, and the Chelsea Piers Foundation has seamlessly integrated water safety education and swimming lessons into the entire third grade’s school day.

  • This collaboration addresses a void where physical education classes are not conducted throughout the year. It demonstrates the program's potential for broader impact, offering the opportunity to expand to more Title I schools, thereby significantly increasing our reach and positively impacting more young lives.

  • NOTE: Eligibility criteria is listed on the "Expression of Interest Form".

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