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Rising Tide Effect

We empower a positive evolution in under served and at risk communities through water safety and instruction. Rising Tide Effect's mission is to free people from fear & access joy, using water as the medium.

Participants around a pool.


of children from families earning less than $50,000 / year are at risk of drowning.*

*USA Swimming Foundation Study 2017

Participants in the pool.


of drownings are preventable.

Participants in the pool.


have attended our water safety workshops.

(Since 2021)

Our Impact


Swimming Lessons

Swimming not only saves lives but also enriches them. Our lessons actively enhance water competence by employing innovative techniques and embracing a holistic approach. We create a secure and encouraging environment that fosters progress in swimming skills and, equally important, unlocks access to joy.


Water Safety Education

We place a premium on water safety education, recognizing that 95% of drownings can be averted with proper knowledge. Our curriculum is tailored to the geographic area we are serving, focusing on its unique characteristics and waterways. We target the five prevalent causes of drowning in the locality, doing all we can to better protect and prepare the community.


Empowering Careers in the Blue Economy

We provide mentorship for professional development and career training for individuals interested in careers in or related to water. Our innovative program offers practical, hands-on training and education, ensuring that our participants are well-versed in their opportunities and equipped with the knowledge to pursue them within the Blue Economy.

How Does It Work?

The Rising Tide Effect is rooted in a philosophy of collaboration, innovation, and collective progress. We emphasize teamwork among diverse groups to achieve shared goals. Through swimming, we not only impart lifesaving skills, we aim to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health , promoting well-being on both an individual and community level for the greater good of society.


At its core, our initiative is driven by inclusivity and the conviction that united efforts can lead to significant, positive changes, contributing to a more equitable and enriched world.

We collaborate with community stakeholders to make our programs more accessible. Are you ready to introduce the Rising Tide Effect to your community? Inquire here!

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