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Salinas Grandes


Helping The Community


Salinas Grandes is located in Nicaragua, Central America on the Pacific Ocean. There are 2400 people that make up this rural fishing community, of which 600 are children. Although many work in the fishing industry and are in boats on the water daily regardless of the weather conditions, very few know how to swim. This project will teach water safety and swimming to half of the population of children who reside in the region.


Rising Tide Effect provides water safety education and swimming lessons to people for free. Future fishermen will know what to do in a water emergency and community members will be able to respond to a drowning incident. Prevention measures will be fully in place by educating as early as possible, members in the community.

Long-Term Impact

The project will educate 300 children to swim to save their own lives if ever in the situation from the ocean or extreme flooding. The process of learning and practicing will nurture their physical, social and emotional health and well-being of each person. When the children of the program become teens and begin their families, they will raise their children and teach them about water safety and how to swim, creating a shift of culture around water safety.

Salinas Grandes Nicaragua: What We Do
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