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Local Non-Profit Makes a Splash with Free Swimming Lessons and Water Safety Education

The Rockaway Hotel has teamed up with the Rising Tide Effect to provide free swimming lessons in the hotel's outdoor pool. The Rising Tide Effect says since the program launched in the Rockaways, about 100 kids have learned how to swim there. Participant Ariel Figueroa says she's inspired to try out for her school swim team after learning the basics.


Rising Tide Effect teams up with The Rockaway Hotel 

Year after year, Rockaway sees several drownings when lifeguards aren’t on duty. In response, The Rockaway Hotel and Rising Tide Effect have teamed up to try to prevent such drownings by teaching youth from under-served communities swimming lessons and skills, right in The Rockaway Hotel pool.


Rockaway Rallies Around Swim Safety

In addition to teaching critical skills, the Swim Initiative also promotes self-development. After each swim session, the group convenes around a hotel-provided meal to bond with each other and instructors, and to learn from mentors and guest speakers. These include professional athletes and Rockaway locals who used lifeguarding to launch their careers.


"Swimming is the Closest Thing You'll Ever be to Flying"

Some people spend their entire lives searching for that one thing that will fulfill their mind, body and soul.

Kate Krause, founder of Rising Tide Effect is one of the lucky few who knew early on in life what would ultimately fuel her throughout her childhood and into adulthood.

Her love of swimming lead her to launch a foundation and use the superpower of swimming, to save lives.

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